BU-21 season 2


What if what you see in the news is happening to you?

The play that uploaded to Trafalgar Studios in West End of London, gained excellent reviews, reaches the phenomenon of terrorism with a particular and caustic realistic way through the story of six survivors of a terrorist attack.

"If you can't make fun of it, it’s gonna rip you off.”

A rocket hits a passenger plane out of nowhere. Then a huge explosion  follow up and BU21 fall on a central street of  London . Six people recount the losses of that day, the trauma and the process of healing…

What would you do if you were one of them?If those scenes from movies becomes reality right in front you?

"Stuart Slade is a writer with the ability to get to the darkest holes and pull through the thread of life. To find humor in the most unlikely places ... "



"If terrorism is a part of life, then our life must be piece of terrorism, with all its contradictions. People still fall in love, still making love ... "


Written by Stuart Slade

Translated by Lydia Trigoni

Directed by Theodoris Vournas

Assistant Director: Lydia Trigoni

Production Design: Kassiani Leontiadou

Kinesiology: Deppy Gorgoyannis

Photos & Artwork by George Giannibas

Performed by Androniki Avdeliotis Christina Garbis, Panagiotis Natsis, Antonis Primykyris, Vangelis Salervis, Lia Tsana

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