In The Dark – Making Movies (1st year)


There is a moment, right before we go to sleep, that the defenses we have developed as we\'re getting old collapse. The doors we\'ve managed to lock open and everything we drown inside us appears in front of our eyes.

Sta Skoteina - Making Movies is a journal. They aren\'t monologues; they are a set of dialogues, a set of confessions. An excercise of realization and understanding. It\'s a path to the inside, a meeting with dark that wants to become light.


Written by Giorgos Iliopoulos
Directed by Thodoris Vournas
Assistant director: Sofia Legatou
Lighting: Thodoris Vournas
Scenery and costumes: Sofia Legatou
Music: Sotiris Kastanis
Promo photography and artwork: George Giannimpas
Performance photography: Maria Saltaoura
Video: George Tsirogiannis

With Orestis Trikas, Nikos Anagnostopoulos, Lazaros Vasileiou, Lia Tsana

The play was presented at Cartel Theater in 2015.





When a unique sparkling text, like this one by Giorgos Iliopoulos, blends with fresh, honest and substantial directing methods, like the ones of Thodoris Vournas, then the result can't help but attract the viewers' attention.

Kostas Dalianis - Dimitris Semertidis

Stories that we could have or have already experienced. Mark my words, go and see this performance.

Kostas Koulis

You go from laughter to tears. From rage to love. From sympathy to destruction. This valuable material of the text and the performances is being handled with exceptional prowness by the director Thodoris Vournas, despite his young age.

Panagiotis Milas

The distinctive directing approach, the outstanding performances by the actors and the peculiar space that is Cartel, put the unsuspecting viewer in a mood of search and doubt; in a set of refractive images where each of them is asked to silently unwind their own fears, beliefs and mistakes. The only right thing here, the only truth, is the pursuit of this truth.

Nikos Th. Panagiotaras


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