My Life in Art (2nd year)


My Life in Art was written in 1998. It has three characters (a director and two actors) and is "arranged" by the writer as a play within the play.

Graham is the director of "Don Juan" by Byron. Steven is his lead actor and Rebecca is the actress who plays Dona Julia. Their professional coexistence soon blends with their personal lives and their relationships are tested.

A play, three people, all bound with their fake image. What happens when the actors start identifying with their roles? When the love scenes come to life when the lights go out? What is the role of the director in that case? Secrets, confessions and revelations. A love triangle where each one looks towards a different direction.

Andrew Cowie mocks the situation that is created during the rehearsals in order to create a frame, from which one can observe people and their relationships, the fight for self-knowledge and their inherent insecurity.


Written by Andrew Cowie
Translated by Villy Tertipi
Directed by Thodoris Vournas
Music: Sissy Vlahogianni
Costumes: Artemis Ipsilanti Napoleon
Lighting: Katerina Maragoudaki
Assistant director: Sofia Legatou
Art direction: Alexandros Nikolaos Ziogas
Promo photography and artwork: Kelly Dimitriadi & Frenzy Projects

With Nikos Anagnostopoulos, Natassa Mitta and Panagiotis Natsis.

The play was presented at Theater Argo in the 2014-2015 season.




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