A group of friends who study at Thessaloniki are throwing their last party tonight. In a few hours, they will give their lawyer's oath and everyone will return to their repsective hometowns. "Tomorrow" is now "present".

During the night and after the party's total failure, the troubles of today's youth are presented on stage filtered through humor and tenderness.

The need for decision making about their personal and professional lives and the future of their friendship. The youth's need for a communication code, the understanding of a reality that changes rapidly in an age when requirements keep increasing. To which level are they determined to sacrifice their childhood's dreams to succeed professionally?

Are those people able to cope with what their lifestyle demands? They have to decide. Tonight.



Written by Giorgos Iliopoulos
Directed by Thodoris Vournas
Stage and costume design: Sofia Legatou
Lighting: Kostis Papanastasatos
Assistant director: Alexios Kotsoris
Graphics: Sophia Hatzaki
Poster design: George Tsirogiannis

With Dorothea Gymnopoulou, Marina Kontarini, Christina Kostakou, Marios Makropoulos, Yorgos Boumbas, Christos Tziotas, Yannis Tsourounakis

The play was presented at Theater 104 in 2011.





A performance full of emotion, humor and as current as it can be. Director Thodoris Vournas managed to capture the concers of today's generation in the best way, pulling them away from the theatrical sphere and giving them a universal character.

Caterina Vaimaki

Vournas has set up a lively performance with intense tempos, natural acting, vigorous on-stage fights and nostalgic, evocative breaks. He defined the relationships though verbal and physical confrontations, he made good use of the play's humor and focused on the off-action details, offering to us a solid and well organized spectacle.

Maria Kyriaki



Reportage on the performance

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