Moral Rules | Spring Awakening


Moral Rules is an adaptation of Frank Wedekind's Spring Awakening, written by Vasilis Tziokas in cooperation with the team of the performance. The adaptation takes place in Greece 2016, where we follow some days of the lives of 6 students, currently on the last year of a strict religious school. The 6 characters of the play display elements that potentially belong to each one of us, from sexual curiosity and promiscuity to fear towards the unknown, and from superficial communication to moral hypocrisy. 6 old students of ours meet us again during their own coming of age.


Translated by Yorgos Manadis
Adapted by Vasilis Tziokas
Directed by Thodoris Vournas
Assistant director: Villy Tertipi
Lighting: Katerina Maragoudaki
Music: MADS
Costumes: Yota Tsakalou
Set design: Fedra Harda
Promo photography and artwork: George Giannimpas

With Yorgos Tsialos, Alexandros Lambaounas, Evi Nikolovgeni, Marietta Vasilaki, Yorgos Kyriakopoulos, Vaggelis Salevris

Also appearing in videos: Nikos Anastasopoulos, Maria Mavromataki, Eva Pisia and Elena Mavropoulou.

Director of photography: Vasilis Stavropoulos
Assistant DOPs: Dimitris Katsimiris, Maria Mihailidi
Editor: George Tsirogiannis

The play was presented at Cartel Theater in 2016.





"Spring Awakening" is a well-rounded performance, oriented to everyone regardless their age. The audience comes out preoccupied and the process the performance puts them in is highly fertile.

Natalia Emmanolidi

The author of the play, Frank Wedekind, once wrote: "It makes me wonder if I shall live to see the book taken for what, twenty years ago (1888), I wrote it as – a sunny image of life". This "sunny image of life" is transferred on stage by Thodoris Vournas, lighting up - without beautifying - reality and treating the original play in its essence, giving it a reason to exist on stage almost two centuries after it was written.

Lydia Trigoni

Each viewer has lots to think about and give their own version to. The dropped light blue shirt is left over. The on-stage dirt surrounds the character wearing the white shoirt now. A door of light opens for the characters to walk to their new life, to adulthood and to the courage that is required by life itself. Optimistic and liberating.

Kleopatra Svana



Reportage on the performance

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