La Ronde


"I write about love and death. What other issues are there? "- Arthur Schnitzler

A man. A woman. The attraction, embarrassment and charm beetween two people.

Α moment is always a moment and people are always people.

Arthur Schnitzler's classic work "La Ronde", in a new reading stunts

between comedy and drama, will be presented at the Theater from November 14

Angels Step directed by Theodor Vourna and translation by Margarita Dalamaga-Kalogirou.

The actors change on-stage masks and moods by composing a realistic portrait of people and human relationships, as we find them unchanged in the media by the time and seasons. Experiencing the truth of every circumstance, the characters they reveal alternative aspects of themselves through their respective roles.

"When you longer can’t love or hate, then where is the charm of life?"


Translation: Margarita Dalmaga-Kalogirou

Directed by: Thodoris Vournas

Assistant Director: Lydia Trigoni

Dramatic treatment: Androniki Avdelioti

Stage and clothes curator: Sofia Legatou

Lighting Design: Vangelis Moudrichas

Photos and Artwork: George Giannibas

Cast: Julie Tsolka, Apostolis Psarros


A few words about the project:

It was written in 1897, "La Ronde" was published in 1903 and sold thousands copies. It was introduced in 1920 at the Kleines Schauspielhaus den Berlin and banned with a lawsuit for misconduct.

After his ascent to Vienna in 1921, he caused protest rally and performances stopped. Schnitzler, after being  threatened for his life, withdrew his work and banned his theatrical promotion for 25 years.

The rise of Nazism in power led the work to the disaster, as they burned every single copies that were found. Today, the work is now in the classical repertoire, counting over a century of life and a variety of theater productions.

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