Two men are in a farmhouse amid storm and fight for survival in the Darwinian theory of the fittest. Both have committed crimes against their former life. The first one forged a bill and imprisoned, while the other killed a man and escaped punishment. The presentation of the two stories and a sequence of witticisms that gradually reveal the truth, bring the two protagonists face to face struggle to prove who is more guilty and who has atoned for his sin.


Translation: Efthymis Antonopoulos
Directed by Thodoris Vournas
Dramaturgy: Vasilis Tziokas
Acting coaching: Kiki Selioni
Scenographer- Costume and Lighting designer: Evdokia Veropoulou
Music Selection: Efthymis Antonopoulos
Artwork: Vasilis Tziokas

With Panayotis Pantazis and Alexandros Psihramis

The play was presented at Michael Cacoyannis Foundation in the 2015-2016 season.





The director decides not to go against the text, but in parallel with it. Thus gave a second reading to this classic work and offers us something very different from what we know so far, thus adding even more the curiosity of the viewer.

Marialena Doggouri

Thodoris Vournas returns with his second directorial work for this year's theatrical season, putting an authentic, refreshing but somewhat diverse directorial stamp from the one we used. Far from directing findings which refer directly or indirectly to cinematographic practices, selects a simple line director, emphasizing animate the material.

Lydia Trigoni

This show originally seems foreign and distant, but then Thodoris Vournas succeeds to invite the viewer to leave the logic of images in the minds of heroes, seeking solutions and hope for survival deep in a dark world.

Anastasia Firippi

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